Tuesday, August 10, 2010

United we stand

Read an editorial in the Times the other day from Reverend something-or-other of the cosidetto "United Church". Fine editorial - dangers of the entertainment model to Pastors' emotional well-being, &c - but one must ask: United against what? Unity cuts both ways; successionists who are not imbeciles want independence for something. Liberty and unity are irrevocably teleological, and one wishes this were more generally conceeded. So for instance, when the Tea Partiers advocate, or agitate as you wish, for less government intrusion into their lives, one occasionally wonders why. The drafters of the Constitution had very particular ideas about the value of Respublican (which to the casual Latinist suggests a cross between a monarch and his tax-collector, or alternatively the relationship between the latter and his illicit holdings: worst of both worlds, anyone?) liberty, but they were not necessarily of Biblical origin. Or perhaps they were, but if I know anything about the Enlightenment rhetoric of Freedom, it was not exactly of Pauline inspiration. The whole point was to escape from slavery. One wonders to which master they were (and are) escaping?

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