Monday, September 27, 2010

New Trick!

At night, after we put Francesca in a disposable diaper and put on her pajamas, she has another little burst of energy. Lately, she's been using this energy to practice rolling over unencumbered by the bulky cloth diaper. I think it's really cute, so here's a video of her doing it!

Note: this is my first video posting, so sorry it's a bit long and not the best angle and such-like. I'll try to get better. :-)


  1. Lucy and I watched and clapped for her. :-)

    Also, in case you're putting her in a disposable at night because, like us, you couldn't figure out any possible cloth diaper combination that would last through the night without leaking *and* without making her uncomfortable, I have a tip for you:

    flat or prefold + hemp doubler + fleece liner

    The hemp soaks up a ton of liquid, and the fleece keeps her bottom feeling dry. Then it doesn't really matter if the cover is wool or some sort of plastic.

    But if that's not why she's in a disposable at night, you should definitely ignore me. :-)

  2. Jenny (and Jessie),

    Did I tell you that we had to start putting Charity in a disposable at night too? Our issue is that she's BIG and our cloth diapers just can't do the job at night any more. We haven't invested in hemp doublers, fleece liners, etc. so maybe that would work. My thought on it though (for us, right now) is just that I'm about to potty train her (in a couple months..) and, if she's like her brother, that will translate to less peeing in the middle of the night anyway (even before she is night-time potty trained) and so we can put the cloth back on her at night.