Saturday, January 29, 2011


I recently tried a recipe I had seen before but been doubtful of. Yogurt in a crockpot. It works. It really works! In case you didn't look at the link, this means that I can easily make a half gallon of yogurt at a time. It takes a bit longer than the classic method, but you don't have to use a thermometer and you barely do any work. Which, with a baby about, is great.

The first time I made it I added some dry milk powder at the beginning and it made it nice and thick. The second time I forgot, and it was thinner, but yogurt all the same.

By the way, I've also heard that you can freeze yogurt to use as a starter! So, if you are in the habit of forgetting to save that last half cup or so, or you prefer using store-bought as a starter and want to buy a larger container...just freeze it in the portions you need and thaw before adding!

So, what does one do with a half gallon of yogurt?

Waffles! (recipe found through Keely, thanks!) These are soooo tasty! Make extra and freeze them for quick breakfasts later in the week.

Frozen yogurt...I mean, really...why did it take me awhile to think of this...frozen yogurt. And no, you don't need an ice cream maker for this, look at the link (and if you leave it in there too long without stirring, just let it thaw a little and use your mixer to whip it into creaminess). I made strawberry flavored without ever getting around to adding the chocolate chips suggested. Next time I make strawberry I think I'll add less sugar and put in maybe a couple tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.
Warning: make sure your freezer doesn't smell too funny, mine developed a bit of an off taste (and now I have a cloth bag filled with baking soda in the freezer).

Crispy Yogurt Chicken (also found from Keely's website). This one I haven't tried yet but plan on doing...maybe even for lunch today!

Also, various salad dressings, dips, etc, etc. One of the dressings I tried was for a tex-mex-styled salad and consisted of the yogurt, salsa, lime juice and cilantro. Yum! We had quesadillas on the side.

Don't forget that you can also just eat yogurt. With a little honey, some maple syrup, berries, granola, whatever strikes your fancy.

So, go make some yogurt!!

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  1. Thanks for posting this! The 3 of us go through a lot of yogurt... I already made it once, and I'm hoping to keep it up!