Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Up, About, and Into Everything

I guess it's been awhile since we've updated... Francesca is now nine months old. She's been pulling up on things, improving her crawling, and, as the title says, getting into things.

She's also about the best baby we can imagine. She's been letting us sleep at least half of the nights in a week and is generally happy. Very happy. :-)

Her greatest accomplishment yet, however, is something completely different and fairly unexpected. It involves the bathroom. If you really don't care about that, look at this last picture and then wander on to some other blog, I won't be offended if you don't keep reading.

So, our dear little Francesca is using the potty! About 2-3 times per day! Isn't that crazy? It started about a week ago. About a week before that Francesca woke up two days in a row with a dry diaper (after at least nine hours of sleep!). I remembered my mom saying that she potty-trained us starting when we were consistently waking up with dry diapers. So, it got me thinking that this might happen before she's three or whenever that tends to happen. A day or two later, while browsing on Freecycle, I happened upon an offer post for an infant potty. I figured we would need one eventually and why not go ahead and get a free one? They still had it, so I went and picked it up. Having no great wealth of storage space, it got put in the bathroom.

A few days later I noticed that while Francesca was not necessarily waking up with a dry diaper every morning, she did tend to wet one within ten minutes of getting up (second getting up, after an early morning nursing). So...I figured, why not sit her on the potty and see if she goes in there? The first day it didn't really happen, but the second day it did! And a day or two after that she went within about thirty seconds of being sat down on it! So she seems to understand the concept. Once or twice she's even been fussy and not been hungry, tired, nor with a wet diaper, and we've put her on the potty and she's gone and then been quite happy.

She's nine months old, people!

So, yeah, no idea when she'll be fully potty-trained (we're not even going to try until she can walk), but hopefully it will be easier with this gradual introduction...
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  1. That's awesome! There is something called 'infant potty training' that sounds like what you did, a lot of people say it works!