Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Little Tiger

Oh wait, that's not the right one! Francesca and I saw this tiger and her three cubs at the Syracuse Zoo, with our friend Hannah. But, that's not the point of this post.

Here she is!

It was kind of hard to get good pictures because she kept bouncing around.

Our upstairs neighbor caught a video of her roaring that I will eventually get from them and then post. But, I'm sure you can imagine it.

(The prompt): Oh, what a cute little tiger.

(Response, complete with a little scowl): Roar!!

We took her to a couple of houses to trick-or-treat, but she's still a bit young for it, I dare say. She thought the candy was pretty and enjoyed running her fingers through the bowls of it, but didn't get the concept. Once one nice lady finally convinced her to take a piece of candy and put it in her basket, Francesca proceeded to pick a piece from her basket and put it in the lady's bowl.

While you might think that costuming her at this age was more fun for us than for her, she definitely knew that she was cute and greatly enjoyed herself. :-)

The costume was a last minute thing involving this from the thrift store:

and lots of felt (actually mostly sweatpant black felt...)and thread and rushed sewing. :-)

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